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24-Hour Emergency HVAC Service in Hialeah

What is the Purpose of 24-7 HVAC Contractors?

When in a state of emergency, no matter what the situation, it is important to have someone to call for help. While we all know who to call when our house is broken into or a child breaks a leg, we may not know who to call when a pipe bursts or when our HVAC has a problem. I am here to tell you not to worry, there are companies out there who are devoted to helping consumers around the clock.

The purpose of a 24/7 HVAC contractor is not to take voicemails in late hours of the night, but to actually be there to take your calls in person. They are there to make certain your HVAC servicing and needs are taken care of at all hours of the day. Their goal is to keep your house cool in the summer and toasty in the winter no matter what time it is. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of summer without a working air conditioning unit! One can only imagine the torture of living in negative degree weather without a heater.

A broken unit during times of sever weather could result in colds in the winter, not to mention one seriously uncomfortable night’s rest. The last thing a parent wants is for their newborn to catch illness because they are shivering their way through the night. An emergency HVAC contractor is there to make sure you and your family is safe in the am and pm.

There is no reason to be uncomfortable in your own home. If you are having problems with your heating and air conditioning unit, don’t be shy to call your local contractor. It may be a smart idea to store your 24/7 HVAC contractor’s number in your phone in case of emergency. They are more important than you think.

Our Company History

Our company was established in 2012, the owner is a master in the HVAC industry, having more than 20 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial services. His vision of the company grew from personal concerns about customer service depleting over the years, which he witnessed first-hand in companies he worked for.

Trust Our Team of Experts

Our HVAC team utilizes the latest technologies in the market, while at the same time maintaining our sense of family values when servicing your home.

24-Hour Emergency HVAC Service in Hialeah
Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

Nowadays people are realizing how day-to-day choices impact the way they experience comfort in life whether at home or at work. And that is where doing the best way find comfort at home or at work becomes necessary. So let me ask this, are you staying comfortable? If your answer is no, then you might want to avail of the heating and cooling services. Furthermore, we all know that dirty air makes us sick and getting a cooling/heating service might make a difference. This article will show some guides on what you can do and get the best service that you deserve.

Finding a Qualified HVAC contractor

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Fair 24-Hour Emergency HVAC Service Prices and Great Service in Hialeah

If you need to repair or replace your HVAC system, call today and talk to one of our HVAC specialists. They’ll answer all your questions and arrange an appointment at your conve-nience.

  • Locally Managed & Operated
  • Available 24/7
  • Good Reviews
  • We Repair All Makes & Models
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • NATE Certified Technicians

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Annual Cleaning

50% OFF
$ 44
Normal price $90
  • Basic Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Organic Deodorizer
  • Up To 5 Vents
  • 1 Main line
  • AC Check Up

Whole House

50% off
$ 74
Normal price $150
  • Basic Dryer Vent Cleaning & Organic Deodorizer
  • AC Check Up
  • 1 Main Line
  • Deep Suction

Premium Cleaning

50% off
$ 94
Normal price $190
  • Basic Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Intensive Duct Cleaning
  • Unlimited Vents
  • AC Check Up
  • Organic Deodorizer
  • 2 Main Line
Yaislin Castillo
Yaislin Castillo
Miami, FL
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Service Leonardo HVAC are very professional and will explain thoroughly what is your best option in air conditioning units, they also offer a monthly maintenance service which is great !
Jack Santos
Jack Santos
West Palm Beach, FL
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I was having a lot of issues with my ac. I had previously used many different companies but none of them were able to solve my problem. Until finally Leonardo HVAC came to my house, they have great team knowledgeable and great customer service. I will extremely recommend this companie to anyone Residential or commercial.
Carolina Cohen
Carolina Cohen
Forth Lauderdale, FL
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Had a 5 ton split AC unit installed on a day where it hit 111 degrees. The installer's did not let the high temps. Keep them from doing a great job. They went above and beyond on their install and at the same time they were very courteous and professional. Leonardo HVAC should be very proud to have these 2 guys as part of their team

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