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Reasons Which Made an Air Conditioning System an Extravagant Need

Come summers and the cries start. Due to extreme heat and high temperature people are sick day in and out. Not only the kids but even the adults and the elderly lot gets affected badly. What used to be a luxury item is now becoming a necessity in most of the houses. In olden times people used to suffice by fans and coolers wherein now things are changing. People are making efforts to procure or rent air conditioners. So, how different is it from other cooling gadgets. The air conditioner was basically invented in the early 19th century and was used to experiment with the varying levels of humidity in the atmosphere.

What principle does the air conditioning work on and what are its benefits and limitations? Let us first answer these to get a better idea.

Principle of working

• Air conditioning helps to lessen the amount of heat and humidity present in the atmosphere.

• This system helps to convert the gas to liquid and vice versa with the help of few chemicals.

• Basically the system cools down with the help of a chilling and freezing cycle.

• Rarely does it make use of the concept of evaporation and free cooling available.


• As the system purifiers air and eliminates the polluting agents, it helps in staying away from allergies and keeps insects away.

• Hot weather makes the body sluggish thus decreasing performance level but with a proper air conditioning in place, life becomes easy.

• The brain and the mood both suffer due to extreme heat and it becomes important to have a proper air circulation to build the harmony.

• Due to a proper and cooler air circulation the death rate is going down.

• Fewer chances of being dehydrated.


• Due to sudden change in the humidity levels and temperature, there are chances of ones respiratory system to get affected.

• It increases the noise pollution levels.

• It can lead to throat irritation

• It can deteriorate eye problems and is more harmful for people with contact lens.

• It is important for the air conditioning system to be maintained properly as presence of allergens could be detrimental to health.

• Sitting for too long hours in environment exposed to air conditioners could cause heat intolerance, dizziness, nasal problems etc.

So, we can say that even though an air conditioning system is required to keep heat under control but it would be vigilant to not stay for too long and also have proper cleaning and maintenance from time to time for a better future and life.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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